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First single from our new album 'Crooked Trees'.


when the enemy calls
will you stand up and fight? are you feeling ten foot tall?
or st st stutter like the others before?
your mouth is moving
but lately i've heard nothing but a whisper of the truth
and its enough to make me scream

in the end its all laid out
you said it yourself so there's no doubt
do you have no shame in this facade?
when the odds are stacked up high
don't shoot yourself in the foot with another lie
have a look for the thing that you're missing
have some heart

and he's back in the room
where have you been all this time? are you ready to resume?
are you still feeling like you felt before?
(i'm surprised you feel anything anymore?)
this such a bore
you look at me with a face that says "you're waging the wrong war"
but you're alone with your back against the wall


released June 9, 2014
Drums & bass recorded by Chris Coulter and edited by Doug Grant @ Moles Studio, Bath.
Everything else recorded by Will Duff @ Spiral Studios.
Mixed by Will Duff
Mastered by JP Braddock @ Formation Audio.



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