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Michael F.
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Michael F. "SHT FKR" is one of the coolest tracks I've heard in ages... utterly brilliant! Thankfully TRAILS aren't a one shot pony, as the rest of the EP delivers in spades, offering up a variety of styles and pace, while displaying equal parts beauty, anger and intelligence with true substance. TRAILS are the real deal...Find the video for SHT FKR on Youtube, read the lyrics and sit back and enjoy a contemporary classic. Can't wait for more... Favorite track: SHT FKR.
Ben Pollard
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Ben Pollard Christ this is good! Been looking forward to this EP for a while and it did NOT disappoint!
  • Record/Vinyl + Digital Album

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    1. SHT FKR
    2. Can't Slow Down
    3. It's All Gone
    4. Signs
    5. Sinatra

    Transparent haze vinyl with black swirls, and double sided folded sleeve with artwork, lyrics and liner notes.

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    1. SHT FKR
    2. Can't Slow Down
    3. It's All Gone
    4. Signs
    5. Sinatra

    Double sided folded sleeve with artwork and lyrics in a plastic sleeve.

    Includes unlimited streaming of Signs EP via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.
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    Includes unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.

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released March 1, 2013

Engineered and Mixed by Will Duff (Trails).
Produced by Will Duff and Trails.
Recorded at Spiral Studios.



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Track Name: SHT FKR
Ladies and gentlemen I give this address from the pulpit. We are at war. We’ve seen the beginning but by no means the end of organised religion, as they jostle in the marketplace to sell you their one true
faith. Offering consolidation and solidarity. Lest we forget the violence and oppression of your history. Self appointed moralists. Pre-historic infantile ignorance. This is the way we are to live. We need no forced doctrine. Don't put yourself down, you are your own creation. So raise your voice, and save your silence for the grave. We need not gather weekly to wallow in our unworthiness. This life is all we have, and though I fear death as much as the next man we can't sugar coat the truth. You can’t pick and chose your beliefs and views.
Track Name: Can't Slow Down
I can't fall asleep tonight with this rushing through my veins. Pulses rise, dilated eyes, and this wandering jaw that never lies, and I realise this is just another night I'll forget. We occupy a place in time and space. At once we are all and we are nothing. Hold on tight, we'll take a ride tonight. With open eyes shooting diamonds in the sky. I can't slow down. We all know which way we're going until the lights begin to glow, and we can see kaleidoscoping walls fall down. You've got a way with words and I've got a way without. I'll float around in history and you won't find me out. We never say it, I can't find the words. We open up our minds.
Track Name: It's All Gone
So catch a wave and let it go. Who's to say you had it all? You don't know. So I said let’s live like you wanted to. You want it all, you want it now. Your inside dream of collected thoughts, fragments of lives. I am trying to want you. You’re letting me hold you. It’s taken its toll. It’s all gone. We wrap around again, but we only make it worse.
Track Name: Signs
Calling out in the night. Sending signals, shaping signs, while we're drowning in our own toxins. Islands of privilege in a sea of misery. A world sufficient for man's needs, but oh the greed! And the suppression of free energy has got to stop if we are to progress. This isn't a joke, we're destroying ourselves, and with my last polluted breath you'll hear me scream. You think that you are invincible, and you've got nothing to
fear. Well we will tear you down. You'll squeeze out every last fucking drop until we've got nothing left, in broad daylight. We'll tear you down. We don't know the worth of water until the well is dry, then it's heads in hands and fists to the sky. But when Coca Cola's cheaper than water, and we've privatised the seas, will blue gold fall from the skies? We’ll fucking tear you down. Yea fucking right!
Track Name: Sinatra
Sinatra sings to me in my sleep. Chorus songs filled with desperation and greed. Lying awake I can see what he means. It’s ‘98, it’s 2011. Nothing changes, we have to keep asking questions. “You show me one step forward in the name of religion and I'll show you a hundred retrogressions”. And Hitchens is dying. With his final breath will he acquiesce? Will he tear us all do wn and leave it to the dead? Tom waits for me in the depths of my dreams. Filling the silence with howls and screams. “Let's pretend we can bring back the old days again, and all the world is green”. Just go back to sleep. There is no lord beyond the
stars. No pagan God to rule us. No monotheistic plagiarist. God is away on business. “And we are all one consciousness experiencing istelf subjectively. There’s no such thing as death. Life is just a dream and we
are all the imagination of ourselves”. There is no God beyond the stars. There is no God beyond ourselves.